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About Us

Everything you need to know about your favourite brand.

“SIRI” (சிரி) in Tamil, is a common word for various meanings like laugh, giggle, smile.. 

Where as “Siri Collections” is the collections of complete happiness to our customer as a one stop -shop. Its mission is to provide online shopping experience to you by ensuring the only best products for all your needs. We also ensure efficient customer service to take care of all your queries and issues over efficient delivery. Every product that are available at is at the highest quality over a competitive price.


At SIRI COLLECTIONS, we want you to ‘feel good’ not only about the products that you buy, but also about your complete customer experience. We are welcoming you to experience unique, sustainable lifestyle products that will change the very way you shop. 


With the base at Kanyakumari, and supply unit at Chennai, SIRI COLLECTION is fetching for a 100% complete customer satisfaction mission.

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